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Kumarakom, typically a village on the Vembanad Lake, in the southern state of India, popularly known for its backwater beauty, is one among the favorite spot for couples & families. Just browsing through pictures & photographs of this beautiful place will not be enough to convey the emotions this place has set in store for you.

The calm flowing backwater view, the peace enduring nature’s bounty, the mouth relishing sea food specials are some popular thoughts that race up in one’s mind if you have been to this place at least once. 
There are many ways to relish the treasures this place has to offer without missing its’ beat and as per your budget. The best places to visit and resorts in Kumarakom are as follows.

1) If you are looking for a romantic or peaceful getaway for few days or even a single night, Kumarakom offers you countless accommodation options starting from resorts of all price ranges & standards, hotels and homestays with all choices. All you need to do is to just pick your choice.

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2) Looking for the perfect spot to take your partner on a romantic date or to just spend some quality time with your family or catch up with your friends. Kumarakom again can be a popular choice.


Well, most of the resorts in Kumarakom are open to outside customers who wish to dine in with them and enjoy Kumarakom beauty from their angle. Not only, will you get to enjoy the great food the resort offers you but also get to enjoy the pristine blue backwaters of Kumarakom and the serenity it offers.

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3) You can’t miss houseboats if you are talking about Kumarakom. May it be private getaways or family get togethers, houseboats are a complete package. Though a bit expensive during peak seasons, if you plan it well you can avail good houseboat offers especially during off seasons.

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So next time you plan your getaway, don’t miss out Kumarakom from your list.

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